about me

hi! my name is iliyan, and i currently live in canada.

my web designing skills suck, so i wrote this in typora and exported it to html.

i currently program in python 3. im currently learning to work with react-native as well.

on the side, im interested in cybersecurity, bug bounty, and online privacy.

in my spare time, you can find me at home with my cat Snowy.

accomplishments / bugs ive found


i like rare / og usernames.

NOTE: i have switched pgp / gpg keys. click here to see my key switch notice. (signed with old key)


Q: why do you type all lowercase?

A: i dont know, honestly - i just find it easier.

Q: howd you get those cool usernames?

A: magic. seriously, though, i just asked github really nicely and they gave me the username. all the other ones i just signed up for, or generated in the case of my btc address and pgp key.

Q: what devices do you use / whats your setup?

A: my main computer is custom-built ([email protected], RX 580 8GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM), dual-booting macOS mojave and windows 10 ltsc. for my laptop, i use a macbook pro with touch bar (2018, 8GB RAM) running macOS mojave. i use an iphone 8 jailbroken with unc0ver as my phone, but i honestly preferred life without a smartphone.

Q: do you have an instagram / snapchat / twitter / facebook / discord / reddit / etc?

A: i have an instagram / twitter / discord / reddit, but id rather not give my usernames out to people - i use those accounts for personal use (chatting with friends and whatnot) so id rather not post my usernames on a public website. plus, theyre not as rare as my other names, and as such theyre not post-worthy!

Q: is there a tor mirror of your website?

A: not yet, but soon™